Winter Weather WARNING

A pony stays warm in a three sided shelter

Get Ready! There is cold, possibly wet, weather coming our way for the Thanksgiving holiday. Do you have all your winter animal care items in place? With the holiday, it will be very difficult to get last minute items such as winter blankets or water heaters. Get your shopping done this weekend and make sure you are ready to take care of all of your animals in the colder weather.

If you take care of outdoor animals such as horses, livestock, barn cats or even feral cats — make sure they have someplace to seek shelter and stay warm. For livestock and horses, this should be at least a three sided shelter with a good leak proof roof. Animals with a thick winter coat can stay warm as long as they canbernie stay dry. Wind can carry rain into the open door of a three sided shelter so the open side should be facing away from prevailing winds, facing a bluff of trees, or close to and facing a hill or other physical barrier to the wind. While blanketing is an option for animals whose coats are insufficient, if animals are outside most of the time, you need to make sure their blankets are staying dry.

┬áBakittyrn cats will burrow into hay storage for warmth. But if you’re not on a farm, that won’t be an option. Check out this webpage for suggestions on how to make an inexpensive outdoor cat shelter:

Don’t leave your friends out in the cold!

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