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Emergency Directive for your Pet

old dog

What if a medical problem arises while your animal is in someone else’s care? Do they have clear instructions about what to do, who to call, who is your veterinarian?

What if they cannot get hold of you and the situation is severe enough that a decision on care or even worse, a decision on humane euthanasia needs to be made?

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Evacuating with a Cat

Maine Coon Cat

Too often following a disaster, Animal Emergency Response Teams are tasked with rescuing pets that were left behind during an evacuation. A hugely disproportionate number of these animals are cats.

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Holiday Pet Dangers

Plants toxic to pets

As you prepare for Thanksgiving (as well as Hanukah and the rest of the holiday season), don’t forget your pets. Holidays can be a very dangerous time for pets. Take a moment to consider the dangers around the house and make sure your pets do not have access to potential harm.

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Winter Weather WARNING

A pony stays warm in a three sided shelter

Get Ready! There is cold, possibly wet, weather coming our way for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Our philosophy

Dog pals

Ready Pets Go was founded on the principle that if pet owners are educated about planning and preparing for emergencies and given the information about where to go, who to contact, what to do – most will do the right thing and bring their pets with them.

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Stay Calm and Take Your Pets With You

Cat hiding

STOP. It will be okay. A positive mental attitude increases not just your chances of survival, but also the survival of those for whom you are responsible – your family, your children and your pets.

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Fluffy cat plays dead

Knowing how to do pet CPR can save an animal’s life and allow you time to reach veterinary care.

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Plan Ahead

Relaxed dog in crate

During an emergency or disaster, you may have to evacuate. Remember, if it is not safe for you, it is not safe for your pets. Plan ahead

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