Make A Checklist

Once you have made an Animal Emergency Plan and you have a Pet Disaster Go Kit for your animals, you can download this checklist to use when preparing for an emergency or during an evacuation. This will help you make sure you do not forget anything.

 Click here to print the Pet Emergency Checklist

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1) Have an emergency plan that includes your pets

2) Have a Back Up Buddy Plan

  • Have an agreement with a neighbor or other local contact who can care for your animals if you are unable to return home during an emergency or if you are incapacitated

3) Understand the types of hazards and risks that may threaten your community

4) Make a Pet Disaster Go Kit

5) Practice your plan

  • Make sure all members of your family are familiar with your emergency plan and the care of your pets
  • Practice with your pets so that they are used to their crate or carrier – It will be less scary if you place your pet’s crate or carrier open on the floor and place food and/or your pet’s food inside. They can go in and out of the crate or carrier and will be less stressed by its use during an evacuation.

6) Know where you will go with your pet(s) during an evacuation

  • Make arrangements ahead of time to stay with your pet(s) at the house of a family member or friend
  • Research which hotels/motels near your home are pet friendly

7) Obtain identification for your pet

  • Have your pet microchipped
  • Place ID tags on your pet’s collar

8) Make a medical record for your pet

  • Check with your veterinarian that your pet is up to date on vaccinations
  • Keep the medical records up to date whenever your pet is vaccinated, has blood workups, or is prescribed medication
  • Keep a copy of these records in your pet’s disaster go kit

9) Follow weather reports

10) Review your plans and go kits bi-annually

  • In April, before Hurricane Season, and in November, before winter storm season
  • Check expiration dates and rotate out bottled water and food stores


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