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Ready Pets Go was founded on the principle that if pet owners are educated about planning and preparing for emergencies and given the information about where to go, who to contact, what to do – most will do the right thing and bring their pets with them.

Get ready, get your pets, then go! A basic survival concept – if it is not safe for you, it is not safe for your pets. Yet every year, people are evacuated and leave their pets behind. Perhaps they think they will be able to come back in a short period and reclaim their pets. Perhaps they think the pet will be okay on their own. Perhaps they just weren’t prepared to evacuate with an animal – they don’t know what to bring, how to take the pet, where to go, who to contact.

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Many animal rescue and response organizations were founded in the aftermath of Katrina when not only did thousands of animals lose their lives, but many people died when they refused to evacuate without their pets. The PETS ACT was written in the aftermath to help guarantee that people evacuating with their pets would find a safe haven – yet more than a decade later, that is not always true. And just as troublesome, people still leave their pets behind – many not knowing what else to do with them. Then, as now, it is the owner’s responsibility to care for their pets. We hope the information on this site will help you, the pet owner, to be better prepared to care for your pet no matter what the circumstances.


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